Startup Studio

Fostering Entrepreneurship
And Innovations

A Support Program To Nurture Early-Stage Blockchain Projects

The LCore Startup Studio is a program for incubating and supporting early-stage blockchain applications and entrepreneurs. It offers a full ecosystem of services, coaching, and finance to help creative entrepreneurs develop and succeed. LCore hopes to stimulate entrepreneurship, drive innovation, and contribute to the general progress of the blockchain ecosystem through the Startup Studio. The firm was created in 2021 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors who recognized the potential of blockchain technology and the rising demand for cryptocurrency-related products and services.

The LCore team provides assistance and support to early-stage crypto entrepreneurs, assisting them in developing and launching their products and services. LaunchCore provides access to its network of advisers, investors, and partners, which includes some of the most successful cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and investors. This network may assist entrepreneurs in connecting with the appropriate individuals, obtaining finance, and receiving useful feedback and advice. We encourage portfolio companies to collaborate and share resources, which can help them expand and succeed faster.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem Of
Resources, Mentorship, And Funding

Incubation and Support Services

LCore Startup Studio provides a variety of incubation and support services designed specifically for startups. Mentorship from industry professionals, advice on company growth and strategy, access to legal and regulatory consulting services, and technical assistance with blockchain development are all included. The Studio also connects companies to a network of possible collaborators, investors, and consumers, allowing them to make crucial contacts within the blockchain ecosystem.


Access to capital is one of the primary advantages of joining the LCore Startup Studio. Startups in the program have the chance to receive money through Nxlinx-facilitated grants, investments, or collaborations.

Entrepreneurial Success

The LCore Startup Studio is critical to the blockchain ecosystem's innovation and entrepreneurial success. The Studio allows businesses to overcome obstacles by providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and investment.


The studio provides mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals who give crucial advice and support throughout the business process. Startups also have access to a variety of resources, such as co-working spaces, infrastructure support, and marketing help, all of which are critical to their development and success.