Launch Core

Unique Access To
Qualified ICOs

The Best-In-Breed DeFi Ecosystem

The Launchpad NFT Pass is a revolutionary Launchcore feature that blends the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the Launchcore Launchpad platform. It provides token holders with a one-of-a-kind and exclusive experience, allowing them access to selected NFT collections, preferential participation in token sales, and extra perks inside the Nxlinx ecosystem. The Launchcore DeFi ecosystem is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and flexible range of DeFi products and services. Launchcore offers various features and tools that enable users to create, manage, and trade digital assets in a decentralized manner.

Launchpad is a unique concept for investors to gain access to qualified ICOs. The gold and diamond tier NFT privileges will unlock fully once the holders have shown their trade behaviour. These are reserved for serious, long-term investors. The benefits of Launchpad NFT - NFTs will be used as Dao tokens to vote on projects to be launched, NFTs will give benefits to partner projects following tiers; access to private AMA following tiers, privilege access to contests, promotions and so on following tiers; and staking with Vault.

Lauchpad Offers Connectivity
To Multiple DEX

NFT integration with Launchpad

The Launchpad NFT Pass effortlessly integrates NFTs with the Launchcore Launchpad platform. Token holders with the Launchpad NFT Pass receive special benefits like early access to forthcoming token sales, reduced participation costs, and guaranteed allocation in high-demand projects. This integration improves the whole Launchpad experience by adding value and opportunity to token holders.

Rarity and Value Proposition

The Launchpad NFT Pass adds exclusivity and rarity to the Nxlinx environment. The Launchpad NFT Pass, being a limited-edition NFT, has unique characteristics and exclusivity, making it highly sought after among Nxlinx community members.

Exclusive Advantages

The Launchpad NFT Pass represents a degree of commitment and engagement in the ecosystem, offering token holders exclusive advantages, early chances, and exclusive perks. This uniqueness and value proposition adds to the Launchpad NFT Pass's attraction and desirability.

NFT Makers, Collectors, and Investors

NFT makers can work with Nxlinx to create limited-edition NFTs that are only accessible to Launchpad NFT Pass subscribers. Collectors can acquire uncommon and valuable NFTs, demonstrating their participation in and support for the Nxlinx environment. The potential value of these limited-edition NFTs, as well as the accompanying privileges and advantages given by the Launchpad NFT Pass, can benefit investors.